Let The Tape Go

I made this video for my teacher, who was mad at kids for using too much tape. It was really fun and ended up great! She has a great voice, too!

(We made it so that the video wasn’t embeddable, so you’ll have to click ‘watch on Youtube’.)



    • Thanks! And yes, her voice is very pretty. Here is how we came up with it: In science class, we use science notebooks. For our science notebooks, there are countless hand-outs and other papers that we always have to tape in, so there are tape dispensers on every table in the classroom. But the kids abuse the tape privileges and use too much, make noises with the tape dispensers, and leave tape pieces and other junk having to do with tape (or sometimes not) on the tables. One day, Mrs. Leatherman got so fed up with this that she collected bags of “evidence”, as she called it. There were three bags full of tapey junk! Of course, Frozen had recently come out and the song “Let It Go” was super popular. So on her way to school in the morning, Mrs. Leatherman found herself singing, “LET THE TAPE GO!” Once she got to school, she told her 1st hour class about her song and they helped her come up with some of the lyrics. Then her 2nd hour–and all the hours after that–helped her come up with more lyrics. Presto! The song was born. I told Mrs. Leatherman that we should record her and make a music video and offered to produce it for her. She agreed, and the next day during studyhall we recorded her! Then, two days later (I only have studyhall every other day), we video-ed the actual video with some other kids who were in studyhall and wanted to be in the movie. We even duct-taped that red cape for her! It was so fun, and I really liked the result. She told me that she showed it to her new 7th grade students, and that they thought it was funny. She said that so far they haven’t messed with the tape!! 🙂


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