Craft Teens Wall Art

Dani and I did an art class today! It was only 90 minutes, but we made three projects! Here they are:


canvas dani c

For this one, Dani first put masking tape and a stencil on the blank canvas and then spray painted over it. I think it ended up very cool!

canvas maddie c

For my canvas, I first spray-painted the grass and sky. When we got back inside, I didn’t like how the spray-painted sky looked, so I re-painted the sky and left the grass. Next I added a butterfly with pink paint, but I didn’t really like how it looked, either, so I put some black beads over it. I thought I was going to be done at that point, but the canvas looked kind of plain, so I added some beads on the grass and in the butterfly.


We used hot glue on corkboard to make the stamps, but you could just use cardboard or another similar material. Because these pictures were taken after the class, there is paint on the hot glue parts. Dani’s is the zig-zag and mine is the one with the circles.

stamp c

stamp maddie c


painting dani c

Above is Dani’s painting. She left her background blank and did not yet put her painting in the frame. I like all of the colors she used–all of which are from using her stamp.

painting maddie c

This is my painting. For the background I lightly painted green and pink and left some white. The blue circles are created from my stamp. The frame was originally black like Dani’s above, but I spray-painted it white to match my room (quick note–I was going to make it brown, but the brown spray-paint ran out in the middle of me spraying it. Then I went with white, and I’m glad I did). I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but it has a bit of a weathered look, which I like. I hope you liked these pictures and learned something new! 🙂



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