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What Are You Afraid Of?

what are you afraid of

What Are You Afraid Of?

But surely we will guide their steps,

and we will wish and hope,

until finally they have been persuaded

that there is no more danger

and all is peaceful and settled in the world.

Then, thrilling answers will be decided

so quietly, in such soft yet penetrating

tears of truth.

A world with nothing in it but peace, love, and freedom!

How marvelous it would be! How magnificent and glorious!

How great, how supreme!

Everyday, special moments wish to see you.

What are you afraid of?

Created by page 332 of Allen Drury’s The Hill of Summer

Heartfelt Words

heartfelt words

Heartfelt Words

Now moving smoothly all across the world,

heartfelt words have created a magnificent exercise

worthy and true to the spirit of people, forever grateful.

To all the seas and continents

without the slightest possibility of challenge

they will go each day and hour.

Soon genuine trust of well-being and peace

will alight with inspiration and anticipation.

Gently we will lead them on, slowly.

Made from page 331 of Allen Drury’s The Hill of Summer





Desire to face

whatever fates there be,

contemplating things that

much of mankind would presently

push away.


met with humble admiration,

get far away in a city considered

enjoyable, and babble gratitude

and tearful relief to the calming world.

Regard it; and thus embrace it, with wild rejoicings.


with any great rejoicings,

lands beyond the seas seem to

hear the distant roar of

great response.

Created by page 251 of The Hill of Summer,a novel written by Allen Drury