2014 in under 15 seconds

Some of my favorite photos from 2014. 😀


Down A Flower

Down A Flower

You will never believe what happened to me today. I was walking outside with the hose, and I was about to water the flowers when I saw a little person on one! Now, I’ve photographed little people before, but this one did not seem happy to see me. I ran back inside to get my camera, but by the time I was back it was already sliding down the flower. Oh, well. Better luck next time. At least I have about 3 seconds of blurry film to show for it!

The Girl And Her Telescope ~ Art

Below is a video of me drawing and painting an art piece that I titled, “The Girl And Her Telescope”. It took me almost three hours to finish. I hope you enjoy watching (it’s a little pixelated on Youtube but I don’t know how to fix that)!

Here is a picture of the art:

The Girl and Her Telescope

Also, here is a picture of the paper towel I was using:


This art was inspired by this artist’s drawing.