Fleeting Puzzles

Fleeting Puzzles

Fleeting Puzzles

An early-morning chill returned,

still in the afternoon air.

It appeared they had been sleeping—

a pile of children huddled together, all

riddled by tiny flecks of glowing dreams.

A glimpse of light found its way inside

to see which face was hidden under the pillow.

A child rose from the floor still closing their eyes

and the chatter of thoughts inside their head

gradually wilted away.

Dreams are fleeting puzzles,

and we collect the pieces

we can put together.



Found Poetry_Dreams


As you wish on the ground, dreams look at you

and they come together to create the world’s inspirations

Above the clouds pops of color easily keep shimmering moments like balloons

Lie back, relax, and explore the waters of luxury

so you can see like a dream